Bringing Flavour To Life

While Flavourome is primarily a supplier of Sweet Flavours, both liquid and powder, our palette includes the likes of Colour Solutions, Sweetners, Vitamins, Premixes, or entire Food Solutions – a smorgasbord of offerings.


Innovators of Taste

As innovators of taste, we are the official distributor for Firmenich in Southern Africa and a trusted partner to food, beverage and health manufacturers. We bring sensory product palettes to life. Our team is highly competent and our capabilities are complemented by state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities.


A World of Infinite Possibilities

By applying international trends to outsourced manufacturing, we provide comprehensive solutions from supply to formulation, blending, quality control and to bulk packaging.





National Diplomas



B-Tech Degrees



National Diplomas


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Integrated Flavour Solutions


Flavourome is the expert in bringing simple integrated flavour solutions to customers in the food, beverage and health manufacturing sectors.

We bring innovative thinking to our clients. We work alongside customers to bring unique flavours and ingredients to the product design space.

Flavour-full Innovation


We’re a company that seeks to partner as opposed to “supply”. Our technical ability, coupled with creativity and market insights brings to our customers true value-added engagement.

We focus on creating commercial value. Our clients want integrated solutions that are easily implemented along with outcomes that boost profitability.

We need to ensure that we are able to not only create uniqueness, but also design solutions and provide the service to back it up.

Our approach is one that creates new opportunities and finds ways to give our clients a competitive edge.

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“Every day is a new journey of discovery. Our company was built that way. Vision and passion is what it takes. Delivering on time is our reputational currency.”

David Wright -
 Founder and CEO

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Flavourome’s facilities are accredited and compliant. We are accredited by the following bodies and organisations:


What Sets Us Apart?

Sensory Connoisseurs

Flavourome is the industry leader for igniting the senses through flavours, sweeteners and colour.

Driven Experts

Flavourome has over 16 years of experience in product supply, formulation, blending and batch packing in Africa.

Creative Precision

We are experienced in the fine art of product flavouring, sweetening and colouring.

R&D Innovation

Flavourome is an enabler of dynamic development in food, beverage and health products.

Why Partner With Us?

Technical Heavyweight

We have a professional technical team of food scientists and food technologists

Local Production

Flavourome is a trusted outsourced manufacturing partner, with state-of-the-art liquid and powder production facilities.

Accredited Quality

We adhere to stringent Quality Control processes, with Quality Assurance verified by HACCP accreditation.